My name is Eli Cristich. I am a self-taught, experience driven chef and I want to share my cooking with you.

I have honed my skills in the culinary arts over a twenty-five year career in a wide variety of kitchens, practicing many different types of ethnic and regional cuisines, learning the classics of the French and Italian tables, the Southern traditions, Kansas City barbeque, the cuisine of the verdant Pacific Northwest, and the fare of the great American diner, as well as all the personal, family recipes my culinary travels have had to offer. I took the long way around to my culinary education, opting to forego cooking school early on in favor of learning in the trenches of restaurant kitchens. After a career of twists and turns I can finally say that decision has paid off.

Portland is my adopted home. It's where I met my wife, Emma, and where we had our son, Arlo. It's where my love for food took root. I have spent the last eighteen years living and cooking in Portland. From Old Wives Tales to Screen Door, I have worked my way through many PDX restaurant kitchens, learning as I went, developing my culinary identity. Portland is a town with its own distinct and unique culinary identity and it's been rewarding to be a part of that as our city has gained the attention of the culinary world at large.

Over the years I've come to see food as so much more than simply nourishment for the body and all of its functions. It's a nourishment for our lives. Food is roots. It is memories of the best of times and it is the lasting connections we make. Food, the perfect bite, is a snapshot of a time and a place we never want to forget, rendered in texture, flavor, and aroma. I am here to help anyone who loves to eat but doesn't necessarily love to cook create those moments for themselves. I am here to cook for you.

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